80% of businesses only use 20% of the software they pay 100% of the bill for

Software & systems are designed to save you time, but unless you invest the time to set them up, it’s a waste of time and money.


What if someone else was prepared to invest that time for you...

The founder

John Fell

“I’d asked 10’s of thousands of business owners, executives and managers how they used their systems and software and they all said they could do better if it were set up correctly”

John is responsible for over $50M of business improvements in just 10 years.

An expert in Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) and Quality Management / Assurance Systems (QMS/QA/ISO) with more than 15 years of senior executive experience. John has connected a vast network of industry specialists and service providers that any business can access.

  • CRM and Sales Consulting
  • CRM and Sales Consulting

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