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15 years of B2B

I started selling B2B when I was just 18. Every sales process involved a comprehensive needs analysis that had me effectively audit my prospects business performance and find holes that I could fill and problems that I could solve. In this time I would have spoken to well over 10,000 senior executives and business owners and asked one simple open ended question..."how well do you currently use the software you have in your business?" the answer I received was resoundingly the same..."we can definitely do much better"

The main culprit of absent or poorly implemented systems was by far CRM, or customer relationship management, followed closely by work health and safety and quality management / assurance systems. SO naturally this is where I focused my attention.

I'd say that some 80% of businesses gain less than 20% of the benefits their systems have to offer. The other 20% don't even have a system to benefit from.

Recognising the insane amount of productivity loss this represents and understanding the relationship between productivity and profitability, I had just found a massive market in improving the aggregate efficiency of business and taking a cut of the gain. experts in implementation.

If you think you can do better with your business systems, get in touch for a free audit.

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  • CRM and Sales Consulting

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